Nov. 21st

Everyone keeps talking about the marathon and I see the Roadrunners every Saturday,  and I feel so bad that I’m sitting here getting fatter SO… that’s it.

Tonight… 3 miles run.  We’re leaving in 30 minutes (The Little Garmin and I).

I already did 20 push-ups, 20 sit ups, and 20 squats.

I should do an experiment:  combine what I learned from Roadrunners + BHIP and see where that leads me (probably nowhere).


Have courage….

UPDATE:  These are the numbers after my run

3 miles


time:  38:09

Too fast.  I need to be going at aerobic pace which should put me at a 14 minutes/mile.

The Yogi Says…

The Yogi says “In order to seee the self who lies beneath first you must learn to still the ripples to become the master of your mind rather than the servant.”

My official results

LA Marathon XXVI

March 20, 2011

Ms .GG # 14462

Clock Time:  6:06:19

Chip Time: 5:51:04

Overall Place:  13892 / 19902

Gender Place:  4599 / 7839

Division Place:  687 / 1023

Age Grade:  39.3%  (I still don’t get what this percentage means)

Pace:  13:23.6

I just found out that former sumo wrestler champion, Kelly Gneiting, will be running the LA Marathon with me!!!

🙂  He’ll be my inspiration this year.  He ran one marathon in 11 hrs.  So, if he can do it, I can do it too!!!

It’s official

I am finally making it official.  I signed up to do the Los Angeles Marathon XXVI on March 20, 2011.

I’m not sure how I will do since I haven’t trained for a marathon.  However, for the past two months I have been working out with the Health Improvement Program aka BHIP!!!  It’s been a great two months.  I’ve gained muscle and lost a few inches 🙂  Despite the hard workouts I feel full of energy.  The 5:15 class if my joy, and the highlight of my day.  Everyday I wonder what the coaches have stored for us.  I have given it all I have during workout.  I can do pushups and squats now.  I am not skilled with the bar weights, but I cant’ be good at everything.  I do hope that BHIP helps me with my second marathon.

Happy New Year!

It’s January 15, 2011.  There have been some new developments in my life.  One of them is that I got accepted to a Health Improvement Program sponsored by my work.  I began bootcamp on Monday, Jan. 10.

Five days later and I feel better than when I started.  I’ve decided to record my new adventure here, in addition to what is an attempt at training for a marathon- on my own and less than 3 months to go.  It sounds like suicide; especially when you’ve gained 10 lbs and is out-of-shape.  But, I have faith 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

!Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Five Miles?

It’s Monday.  I took the day off from work because I caught another deadly “something” from the kids.  Nevertheless, I went for a run despite my cough and the strong winds outdoors.

I must say that it wasn’t a remarkable run.  For one, I forgot my knee straps in hot pink.  Luckily, my knees were not in pain, but my lower legs were.  Another catastrophe is that I pushed a button in the Little Garmin thinking that I had reseted it, but I didn’t.  So, after about 10 minutes I almost had a heart attack when I noticed something wrong.  It said I had already run an hour, but it had only been 10 minutes.  It took me a while to figure out what had happened.  I just don’t know where my mind is these days.  After noticing the “problem” I reseted the watch and I kept going.

Suddenly, from a distance, I saw a cat!  I couldn’t tell if it was my friend the White Cat, so I approached it, and surprise!  It was my friend the White Cat!  So, I played with it for a few minutes.  It’s funny how it runs with me for about a block but not further.  I also felt like those dog owners who run with their dogs (well, I pretended that the White Cat was a dog).  Then, we each said good bye and went our separate ways.

Image courtesy of catclipart.net

Anyhow, seeing the cat made my day.  It’s funny because the first time I saw the White Cat, I was feeling rather depressed like I am today.  Could it possible be a sign?  Who knows…

The numbers split in half:

4:20 miles

53:37 minutes

12:47 pace


0:91 miles

10:49 minutes

11:56 pace

I’m not even going to attempt to get an average.  That would just give me a permanent headache.

November is Here

November is already here.  Only four month until the LA Marathon in March, and what have I done?  Nothing… 😦

November 1st:

4 miles

53:31 minutes

13:20 pace

I was going to write that I went that slow because I’m suppose to be training at an aerobic pace, BUT, I was actually having some real bad pain on my right leg.  *sigh*sigh.

The rest of the week turned out to be too hot.  So I stayed indoors.

Happy Halloween!

Some funny houses I saw while on my run this year.