Five Miles?

It’s Monday.  I took the day off from work because I caught another deadly “something” from the kids.  Nevertheless, I went for a run despite my cough and the strong winds outdoors.

I must say that it wasn’t a remarkable run.  For one, I forgot my knee straps in hot pink.  Luckily, my knees were not in pain, but my lower legs were.  Another catastrophe is that I pushed a button in the Little Garmin thinking that I had reseted it, but I didn’t.  So, after about 10 minutes I almost had a heart attack when I noticed something wrong.  It said I had already run an hour, but it had only been 10 minutes.  It took me a while to figure out what had happened.  I just don’t know where my mind is these days.  After noticing the “problem” I reseted the watch and I kept going.

Suddenly, from a distance, I saw a cat!  I couldn’t tell if it was my friend the White Cat, so I approached it, and surprise!  It was my friend the White Cat!  So, I played with it for a few minutes.  It’s funny how it runs with me for about a block but not further.  I also felt like those dog owners who run with their dogs (well, I pretended that the White Cat was a dog).  Then, we each said good bye and went our separate ways.

Image courtesy of catclipart.net

Anyhow, seeing the cat made my day.  It’s funny because the first time I saw the White Cat, I was feeling rather depressed like I am today.  Could it possible be a sign?  Who knows…

The numbers split in half:

4:20 miles

53:37 minutes

12:47 pace


0:91 miles

10:49 minutes

11:56 pace

I’m not even going to attempt to get an average.  That would just give me a permanent headache.


November is Here

November is already here.  Only four month until the LA Marathon in March, and what have I done?  Nothing… 😦

November 1st:

4 miles

53:31 minutes

13:20 pace

I was going to write that I went that slow because I’m suppose to be training at an aerobic pace, BUT, I was actually having some real bad pain on my right leg.  *sigh*sigh.

The rest of the week turned out to be too hot.  So I stayed indoors.

Happy Halloween!

Some funny houses I saw while on my run this year.

This Week

A few weeks ago I had high hopes that I might be able to do the LA Marathon XXVI; however, that might not be the case.  As of this week, I am uncertain once again.

To make things more difficult, work is not as wonderful as it was last year.  Life seems catastrophic at the moment leaving me so worn-out without any energy to train.

Nevertheless, I forced myself to run this week.

Monday:  horrible run.  I felt a great heaviness on the chest.  Maybe it’s stress from work.

3 miles


12:09 pace (I’m going too fast)

Wednesday:  I was feeling optimistic, but two minutes into the run the Little Garmin went dead.  I ran for about 20 minutes then I gave up.

Saturday:  It was a bad day to run.  There were a lot of people on the streets.  Lots of Halloween parties I guess.  I also got scared.  There was a woman dressed up in a Halloween costume.  At first I thought she was another decoration in the highly decorated Halloween house where she was standing, but she wasn’t.  I got scared; and she got scared when she saw me.  🙂

Anyhow, my right leg was also in pain.  So I decided to go home

3 miles


12:33 pace (I’m going too fast.)


I didn’t run last week because:

1.  I was sick.

2.  It was EXTREMELY hot.

3.  No energy.

Nevertheless, the weather was cooler today, and I feel better.  So I went into the streets again!

The biggest surprise was seeing a house with Halloween decorations.  That made my night!

The hardest thing was running at “aerobic pace.”  My legs felt like lead.  I also felt like I would get some cramps but luckily I didn’t.  This week, when I left for work and went down the stairs, I almost got a cramp on my lower leg.  Scary.

Time:  39:04 minutes

Distance:  3 miles

Pace:  13:02

A New Beginning?

The L.A. Roadrunners began its training season once again.  It seems that everyone is there except me 😦  Even though I really want to go,  I had to be honest with myself and realize that I don’t have the time.  Work this year is twice as hard.  I’m nonstop.  There are days when I don’t take my break, and lunch is always a hurried affair.  These days I don’t have time to check my email 😦 (that’s always very important.)  If I was exhausted last year, this year it’s 10 times worse.  Furthermore, I have additional commitments on the weekends making it even more difficult.  I want to do marathon #2, but I don’t see how.

Nevertheless, I went for a run last night.  I left the house late (8:30), so I was in a rush to finish the 3 miles.  The last mile was difficult.  My legs were killing me, and I was out of breath.  So much for “aerobic pace.”  But, I got home safe and sound.  If I keep running, I’ll leave the house much earlier.

My legs were fine today, but I had a difficult time going up and down the stairs.  My left knee was hurting too.  Maybe because I didn’t wear the knee straps in hot pink last night.  I don’t remember where I put them 😦  (I’m forgetting everything.)

Final numbers:

3.04 miles

35.20 minutes

11.38 pace (of course, that was only a lucky thing)

PS.  I went to the mall today and weighed myself in one of those machine in GNC.  The results were catastrophic, but I seemed to have gained one inch in height!  I’m now 5’1”!!!

Final results:

133.5 lb.  (I gained 8 lbs… not 7.. 😦  )

25 BMI (supposedly it’s ideal)

Let’s see how much I can lose in a few months.

200 Años

¡Felicidades México!

Son 25 años pero no me he olvidado de tí.  Algún día regresaré para quedarme.